MCL Awarded G Particle To Improve Their Sales Productivity

G Particle is delighted to announce that we have been selected for the sales productivity improvement of MAG Container Lines.

Fourteen years of regional experience made MCL as one of the known and leading brand in the market. MCL is serving the market in both freight forwarding and liner business. MCL various services provide a unique proposition to its customers

The leaders of MCL know there is substantial untapped revenue growth potential in their sales organization. However, structuring and organizing for growth, finding and developing the right people, and enabling them to achieve their sales potential is challenging.

G Particle will implement an integrated organization dedicated solely to the achievement of their sales goals and objectives covering the many disciplines and aspects.

Our goal is to learn what the Top-Performing Sales Organizations do. Those with higher win rates, those who meet their sales goals and achieve maximum pricing in line with their value proposition.

Using Digital Technology and AI, we will focus on 75 specific factors, organized around the seven main drivers in the Sales productivity weel, that impact the sales team’s ultimate performance.

our aim is to help MCL :

  • Achieve higher opportunity win rates
  • Meet their sales goals more often
  • Grow revenue more frequently than before