Case Study: News Gets Personal with CNN developed Chatbot

An innovative idea of using a chatbot to be closer and more personalized serving the market demand

Chatbots will ultimately have a profound impact on our digital lives. The technology enables both the intimacy of a one-to-one conversation as well as a mechanism for broadcasting a critical message at scale. That is precisely why CNN is being aggressive in this field; we believe these platforms can be a powerful way to deliver real-time, personal news to an audience. (said by Alex Wellen)

CNN is using bots to interact with users in a natural and conversational way. Subscribers to CNN on Messenger will receive a daily digest of top stories right within the Messenger app.  The bot will also recommend personalized content based on a user’s preferences and learned interests.  The experience gets more personalized with each interaction on Messenger. (full article)

Using chatbot is all about how to provide a more personalized experience to the users. Using a natural and conversational way of interaction with the users gives a better chance to organizations like CNN to achieve this matter.

Here is an article about the interview with Alex Wellen, CNN’s senior vice president and chief product officer after six months of chatbot experimentation.

From technology utilization standpoint of view, the main components of these solution can be summarized as below

  • Chatbot engine, responsible for receiving and sending messages to the users through various messaging platforms
  • NLP engine understands the user intent
  • Machine learning engine helps the whole solution to provide more specific and personalized responses with each interaction
  • Search engine, CNN in house content management system to provide the required content based on the user request and recommendations provided by the machine-learning engine
  • BIG Data and analytics responsible for analyzing, the user behavioral patterns and their likings based on various criteria, this is a unique advantage to CNN to plan their future strategies and investment plan closer to their market demand