It sounds simple as Sales productivity is measured by the rate a rep increases revenue for an organization. The revenue increase for a single rep logically can be the result of either more meetings with new leads, a higher closure ratio, or a larger deal value size.

However, it may not be so easy to achieve a significant and substantive result on the 3 factors mentioned above to improve the sales productivity as there are so many tangible and intangible aspects contributing to the success of these factors.

Marketing and sales engagement processes, the personality and qualification of each sales rep, adequate sales training, availability of CRM solutions, availability of and quality of supporting materials, quality and consistency of sales reviews and its mechanism are some of the critical factors influence the health and quality of the sales pipeline.

We all may have experienced coming back from a new prospect meeting, enjoyed our cup of coffee with them and swapped the opinion having a hot and quick closure which never happened.

Sales productivity is the number one challenge of more than 65% of B-2-B organizations